Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Spark FAQ

1) How to generate a PEN (Permanent Employee Number) ?
DDO can Generate PEN under Admin/Profile menu – New Employee Record.(Form-1 from fresh recruitees is to be collected and all the mandatory fields are to be entered while generating PEN,
including the uploading of Photo & Signature)
2) Is it possible to generate two or more PENS for an employee?
PEN is unique and duplicate PEN with same fields (Name, DOB, Father’s Name, etc) can never be generated.
3) Various forms for various updations in SPARK are available?
All forms are available in www.info.spark.gov.in
4) What is form-3 & form-5?
Form-3 is for DDO login setting. Form-5 for controlling officer setting. Please email authenticated scanned copies of these forms to info@spark.gov.in or to nearest district treasury help desk for updation.
5) Can a DDO having only charge of an office can be set?
Yes, in that case login for bill generation can be given to a senior most officer in that office and DDO name can be set with the charge officer. Please mention that in Form-3.
6) Who can lock & unlock the data in SPARK?
The Controlling Officer updated using form-5 can lock & unlock data of employees in an Office. However the data locked by treasury audit team can be opened by treasury official only.
7) How HRA/CCA of an office can be changed?
Please send duly authenticated scanned copy of Form-6 for that.
8) How PRAN can be added in SPARK, if not available?
PRAN will be automatically updated in SPARK. See service matters – Personal details - present service details to verify whether PRAN is added. If so, please insert NPS deduction (NPS contribution in the state) in present salary menu. If PRAN is no there, send an e-mail to snokerala.fin@kerala.gov.in with Name, PEN & PRAN for updation.
9) How DDO Registration number can be added in SPARK, if not available?
DDO Registration number will be automatically updated in SPARK. See Admin/profile – Code masters – DDO for DDO registration no. If it is not there, please send an e-mail quoting 10 digit DDO Code & DDO Registration number to snokerala.fin@kerala.gov.in

10) Whom to contact for DDO Registration number?
Please contact your sub/district treasury for DDO Registration Number for your office.
11) Who can approve claims?
The officer whose PEN is available in the DDO table (Admn/profile – Code masters – DDO) only can approve claims.
12) How to update AG slip in SPARK?
Electronic updation of digitally signed AG Slips in SPARK are being done by EDP cell in AG office. So DDO can never update an AG slip details in SPARK.
13) What to do when an error message “report generation failed, bill processed with
errors” is seen while trying to take printouts of bills & schedules? Go to salary processing menu – refresh – see the message job completed with errors – view errors. Click on view errors to identify the issue.
14) What is service History?
The service details upto the “last pay/office/design change date” in present salary menu is to be updated in service history.Eg:- The last pay / Design / Office change is 01/01/2016, then the service history must have entries upto 31/12/2015 (except in the case of fresh entrants on 01/01/2016).For DA/Salary arrears processing, the data in service history must be updated properly.
15) What to do when the name of an employee is not listing for pay revision 2014 fixation?
Please update his service history and then try. If he/she was on LWA or deputation, please update that detail also.
16) Whom to contact for SPARK complaints?
The DDO first, the District treasury helpdesks secondly then to SPARK PMU on appointment basis. See the tutorials in the scrolling message column in the login page of SPARK for details.
17) What are the other modes of help lines?
e-mail, chat & phone are also available see info.spark.giv.in for details.
18) What to do when e-submission status shows success (with errors)?
Please send the 20 digit SPARK bill control code of that bill to spark.fin@kerala.gov.in or info@spark.gov.in for resolving.
19) Login Password is lost or login blocked what to do?
Users can use the forget password link in the login page of SPARK to reset the password via OTP sent to user’s mobile.
20) What to do Login terminated message is shown?
Please contact your nearest district treasury helpdesk to check the issue. Normally the users other than DDOs will be given login privilege for a short period. This message arises in that cases when that period exceeds.
21) Will retired employees will list for salary, arrear or claim processing?
Yes. Employees retired within two years back will be listed.
22) My bank branch is not available in SPARK. What to do?
If the account is in a Public Sector Bank, please request that bank to send an email to spark.fin@kerala.gov.in form their official id for adding their branch.
23) How to mark deputation to take part salary and arrear claims?
Go to service matters – Relieve on deputation – set part salary. (If required office is not listed, choose Autonomous bodies Department – deputation office)
24) I don’t have an e-mail id and mobile or landline number. How my contact details will be updated?
e-mail, mobile number etc are mandatory fields. So give the details of your office or DDO, if the employee don’t have such data.
25) Is e-submission mandatory for all bills?
Yes e-submission is now mandatory for all salary bills including arrear bills, Surrender bills, non salary claim bills etc.
26) In the view submitted bills under accounts menu, the status is objected. But, encashment details are seen updated. What to do?
Please obtain a non-payment certificate from treasury officer quoting the 20 digit spark code of the bill and e-mail to SPARK.
27) When arrear bill is taken, a water mark “error report” is seen. What to do?
Please send that bill via e-mail to SPARK. They will correct it and inform you.

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