Sunday, 16 April 2017

Class room English for teachers


Always keep your surroundings neat and clean.
Keep our school and compound clean.

Never drop waste things in the class.
Never throw garbage anywhere.
Collect the trash and put in the waste bin.
Pick the waste materials up and dump in the trash bin.
Should not throw rubbish on the ground.
Never dispose scrap in public places.
Collect the scraps and hand it over to a scrap dealer.
Never litter.
Always keep your chappals out side of the class.
Never go to toilet without chappals.
Never bring wet umbrellas in to the class.
Don't drop waste papers on the floor.
Never scrible on the wall.
Sweep the class everyday.
Don't bring plastic kits to the school.
Never throw empty bottles on the compound.

Should not waste food.
Never drop food on the floor.
Pick the dropped food up and put in the dust bin.
Never eat dropped food.
Should not dump rubbish on the yard.
Don't spit in public places.
Never piss outside of the toilet.
Should not pee on the yard.
Never pass urine on the way side.
Keep toilet clean after use.
Use enough water in the toilet.
Always use soap and water after visiting toilet.
Wash your hands well with soap and water .
Ensure individual cleanliness.
Do morning routines regularly.
Visit toilet early in the morning.
Take bath twice a day.
Brush your teeth up twice a day.
Cut your nail once in a week.
Comb your hair well.
Keep your dress clean.
Drink plenty of pure water a day.
Drink potable water only.
Should not drink raw water.
Never drink impure water.
Use boiled water to drink.
If you are not well, no need to come to the school.
Stay at home and
take rest.
If you have a communicable disease, never come to the class before recovery.
It may spread to other children.
If you got a cold,  keep a kercheif with you.
Blow your nose
Wipe your nose with tissue paper after blowing.
When you sneeze cover your mouth and nose with your hands.
When you cough, wrap your mouth with a kerchief.
Wash your hands well  before and after the food.
Dry your hands with a towel after washing.
Gargle well after every meal.
Avoid soft drinks and and junk foods.
Never eat raw vegetables without washing.
Should not eat fruits before washing well.

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