Sunday, 23 April 2017

Class room English for teachers.



You need an unruled notebook for maths.

You want a ruled one for English.

You should bring a lined note book for Malayalam.

You can use lined or unlined books.

Ajith, don't you have a pen?

Anybody have two pens?

Do you have more than one pen?

Please lend a pen to Ajith.

Could you give him a pen? He has no pen.

Get a pen from your friend.

You can borrow a pen from your friend.

Never forget to bring writing instruments.

Ensure writing utensils in the bag before leaving home.

Keep your pencils sharpened.

Ensure that your pen is in working condition.

Always keep two pens in your box.

Never drop pen down, It won't work.

Don't put pen in your mouth.

Keep the top with you when you lend a pen.

Keep your books neat and clean.

Never tear the pages off.

Don't remove pages from notebooks.

Cover your books with brown paper.

Wrap your books with colour paper.

Never mishandle your books.

Never use saliva to turn over the pages.

Keep your books in good condition year long.

Preserve your books intact untill the year end.

Leave space for margin.

Draw a margin on the left side of the page.

Make margin on  both sides of the page.

No need to leave space for margin on both sides.

leave the margin space empty.

Keep the margin space unwritten.

Write legibly.

Never scribble .

Don't scrawl on the pages.

Start with a new page.

Start new lesson with a new page.

Always write date and day at the beginning.

Never leave page between.

Leave a line between.

Please write down.

Please take notes carefully.

Don't waste time with unnecessary talks.

Do your duties first, and then talk.

Leave space between words.

Always start a sentence with capital letter.

First letter of a name should be a capital letter.

Never mix capital letters and small letter.

Put full stops after every sentences.

Put question marks after questions.

Use suitable punctuation marks whenever necessary.

You may use pen or pencil in the notebook.

Write with pencil, don't use pen in the text book.

You can't correct mistakes.

Use only pencils to draw pictures.

Unless, you can't make corrections.

Let me see your notebook.

Please show me your notebook.

Can I have a look at your writing?

I can't read your writing.

It is difficult to read your note, make it better.

Your handwriting is not legible.

It is untidy.

You should improve your handwriting.

You are suggested to take notes in a four line copy.

Have you finished?

Have you done?

Have you compleated ?

Have you written?

May I clean the board.

Can I erase first part?

Do you want some more time to compleate?

You should compleate within 10 minutes .

I won't give you more than 15 minutes to do that.

I will give you only10 minutes to write down.

You should compleate within time.

Aparna, you have to improve your writing speed.

You must do it today itself.

It should be done now itself.

Put your books on the table.

Please hand over your books to me.

Leader, please collect all the books.

Distribute all the books among the students.

Give back the books to them.

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