Sunday, 23 April 2017

Classroom English for teachers



Have a look at this picture, it was drawn by Thaneesha.
How is it?
Give her a round of applause.

Anupama  scored full points in the unit test. Please  give her a big hand.

Anil bagged first prize in the quiz competition. Put your hands together for him, please.

Aswathy has got 25 out of 25. She deserve a big hand, please do.

He got first place in riddle competition. I will give him a prize.

I would like to invite Navaneeth to receive first prize for story telling

Let's congratulate Praveen for his magnificent performance in the running race.
Applause, please.

She has done it in a very good manner. Let me appreciate her, by giving this small present.

His recitation of poem was mind blowing. Let's give him a round of claps.

Your performance was really brilliant. Hats off to you.

You sang very well, congratulations.

You are getting better in reading, keep it up.

You have improved your fluency of reading very much, keep on trying.

Your acting in the drama was outstanding. Let me shake your hand.

You are a great example for all the students, I really proud of you.

Your performance was not bad,  Amal. But bad luck, forget it,  better performance next time.

Don't worry, you can win next time, never quit, keep trying.

You have almost done it ! Unfortunately you couldn't complete.

Go ahead, you can do it, I'm sure.

Your presentation was not too bad.
But you have to improve it.

You are almost right, but some corrections are needed.

Listen  to her way of reading, amazing!
She is a role model for all of you.

Look at his style of doing, perfect.

It's worth a round
of applause, please give.

She didn't  make a single of mistake.
wonderful !

You have a kind and loving heart, Manav,l bow before you.

I have no words to tell about the good deed of Abhirami, I really proud of her.

What a wonderful performance it was !

What a fantastic dance she has performed !

The role play was really heart touching !

The story was heart melting. It made my eyes wet !

How beautful it is!

How sweet the song was ! Your voice is very nice.

Look at the paper doll she has made, How is it?

Have a look at this clock, It is nice, isn't it?

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