Sunday, 16 April 2017

Class room English for teachers

Informal interactions.
Good morning everybody.
How are you children ?
I hope you all are doing well.
I think all of you are fine  today.

I wish you a wonderful day.
I hope this will be a fruitful day to all of us.
What a lovely day it is, do you agree with me?
Today is a rainy day, do you like rain?
It is very hot today, don't you feel?
It is a sunny day today, I like sunny days, don't you?
Which kind of day do you like more?
Rainy or sunny?
Which season do you like most?
Summer or winter?

I like rainy season most, how many of you like rainy season?

Nikhil, how are you today ?
What is wrong with you, Deepa?
Are you not well?
You look more beautiful today, Hansila.
Abhilash, you are very handsome in your new dress.
When did you wake up today in the morning ?
At seven o'clock! Not good. Please try to get up a little more early.
What  about you, Praveen?
Very good, he got  up at 6 in the morning. Early bird gets the worm.
You should awake around 6 in the morning.
It is a very good habit  to wake up before 6 O'clok in the morning.
Have you had your breakfast today?
Did you have your breakfast today?
What did you eat for breakfast?
What did you have for breakfast ?
What was your breakfast?
Dosa and chutney? Very good, my favourite!
Me? I had Idli and Sambar for breakfast.
How do you spend your leisure time at home?
How much time do you spend to watch T.V ?
More than 3 hours? Never spend more time to watch T.V.
Do you like sports?
What is your favourite sport?
Who is your favourite sports star?
Which game do you like best?
Do you like listening music?
Do you like watching birds?
Don't you like reading books?
How many of you like drawing pictures?
What day is it today?
Today is Monday, am I correct?
What date is it today?
Today is twenty seventh July two thousand sixteen, am I right ?
Marwan has his tenth birthday today.
Please wish him happy birthday.
Vishnu's birthday today.
He has brought candies for us.
Please have it.
Rani turns 10 years old today.
Give her birthday wishes.
Welcome back to the class after a long vacation.
l hope you had a wonderful vacation.
I hope you had a nice weekend.
I think you enjoyed the vacation very much.
How did you spend your vacation?
Did you go anywhere during the vacation ?
Where did you go in the vacation?
Did you visit any relatives during the vacation?
How long did you stay there?
Who did you go with?
How did you get there?
Following two days are holidays.
Enjoy your holidays.
Have a wonderful vacation.
Bye bye,see you after vacation.
Goodbye, see you next day.
Bye, see you on Monday.