Sunday, 23 April 2017

Class room English for teachers


Somebody is talking there, who is that?

Don't talk during the class.

You may talk, but in a normal voice.

Would you please give rest to your tongue, Anupama?

Could you please close your mouth, Aneesh?

Keep your mouth closed, please.

What are you talking about, Akhil?

Please help me to maintain the discipline of the class.

A noisy class won't help us to learn well.

Avoid unnecessary talks.

Pay your attension please.

All of you please listen to me.

Let me compleate, don't interfere, please.

Don't leave your seat without permission.

Don't get up from the seat.

Ask permission to leave your seat.

Keep discipline of the class even in the absence of your teacher.

I will return within no time, please keep quite till then.

I am just coming, don't wander in the class.

Keep the silence till then.

Akhil, please watch, and note the names.

Don't walk in the class.

Never go out of the class without permission.

All of you please stand up,  raise your hands,  down your hands,  turn left,   turn straight,  turn right, and  turn straight.
Please be seated.

Take your seat.

Get back your seat.

Go back to your seat.

Fold your arms, please

Free your arms.

Don't shout in the class.

Never use vulgar language in the class.

Don't use offensive words.

should not use swear words.

Don't call friends by  nick names.

Don't tease others.

should not abuse others.

Don't play pranks.

Don't fight each other.

Don't try to play your tricks on me.

should not quarrel on silly matters.

What was the quarel about?

Never mind, leave it.
Forgive him.

Say sorry to him.

Apologise to him.

Never hurt others.

Respect rights of fellow students.

Never behave like that.

Never repeat such incidents.

How dare you to do that ?

How disgraceful incident it was!

Misbehaviour should not be allowed.

Never be a nuisanse to your classmates.

Respect fellow human beings.

Be honest.

Never tell lies.

Always try to tell truth.

Follow rules of the class.

Never violate school rules.

Be punctual.
Be polite.
Be helpful.
Be kind.

Stop making noise.

Who is making noise?

Who is drumming fingers on the table?

It is annoying, don't do like that.

I told you several times, never repeat.

This is too much.

 Mind your own business.

It is none of your business.

Did you slap him? If you repeat, I will inform your parents.

Why did you pinch her?

Did you beat him? For what?/

Why did you hit him?
Never repeat, I will punish you.

Remain in your seat until the bell goes,

Don't rush,wait untill the bell rings.

Collect your belongings before leaving the class.

Put your study materials inside the bag before going.

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