Sunday, 23 April 2017

Classroom English for teachers.


Take out your text books.

Take your English text book out of the satchel.

Anugrah, don't you have text book?

Why didn't you bring your textbook?

Never forget to bring text books.

Open the book at page no.20.

Open your book and
take page no. 20.

Please turn over the page.

Look at page no. 23.

What can you see on the page?

Have a look at the picture.

What do you see in the picture?

What are there in the picture?

Who are there in the picture?

All of you please read the passage silently.

You are instructed to read the first three paragraphs.

You are requested to read silently.

No lip movement and sound is required.

Don't skip, try to understand the ideas.

Never rush, take your own time.

No need of hurry,
there is enough time.

Akash, do you need help?

Can you read yourself?

What is the story about?

Who is the author of the story?

Who are the main charecters?

Who can say  names of the charecters?

Can you say the summary of the story?

Anybody can say the message of the story?

Can you make some questions based on the story?

Can you guess the climax of the story?

Do you have any doubts?

Don't hesitate to clear doubts.

You can ask any questions.

Who can read aloud?

Amal, can you?

Please try.

Give a try.

Anybody else?

Can you hear him?

They can't hear you, louder please.

Read more loudly.

Read fluently.

Read with correct pronunciation.

Don't just read, try to present the story.

Read with voice modulation and facial expressions.

Give proper stress and intonation.

All of you please listen to the reading.

You are instructed to point your finger under the lines.

How was his reading?

What about the reading of Anupama?

Was it fluent?

Was it in correct accent?

Was there voice modulation?

Anupama, You should try to improve your reading.

Your reading is not fluent.

Don't worry, you can improve by practice.

Try to read newspapers everyday.

You must read child magazines.

You are instructed to read unit 2 several times at home.

How many times did you practice yesterday.

How many times have you read?

You are suggested to practice reading at least twice everyday.

Find out difficult words and write 5 times each.

Try to dictate the words.

Could you write a drama based on this story?

Who will act the part of the king?

Who is ready to act as the prince?

Who will take the roll of the beggar?

Please read the poem carefully.

What is the name of the poet?

Did you get the theme of the poem?

What is the poet trying to say?

What is the gist of the poem?

Please try to find a suitable tune for the poem.

Fantastic, you have found a suitable tune.

Can you recite the poem?

You may recite the poem in  diffrent tunes.

Try it in another tune.

You may recite in chorus.

You should recite the poem individually.

Who can recite the poem from the memory?

Try to memorize the poem.

You may byheart the poem.

There will be a recitation competition tomarow.

Prepare for that.

Practice well.

Can you transform the poem in to a story?

Can you imagine the conversation between the mother parrot and the juvenile parrot?

Can you role play the conversation?

Close your books.

You may put your books in the bag.

Keep your books inside the bag.

Put your instruments in the box.

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